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My name is Chris, if you haven’t already met me. I am a recently-returned native teacher and I teach some of the communicative lessons at BeHappy Nyelviskola. I am from the north of England (not London), which means I say ‘bus’, not ‘bas’!

Similarly to James I became interested in the idea of teaching during my time at university, where I studied Marketing. After my Masters year was spent almost entirely with foreign students the idea of teaching English abroad really began to excite me. Marketing wasn’t a career I particularly wanted pursue (I realised this 4 years too late!) and in summer 2012 I came to Budapest to take the Cambridge CELTA teaching qualification. Having absolutely no teaching experience and no in-depth knowledge of grammar whatsoever made my first day a very rude awakening, but the whole experience was one of the best of my life. Since then I haven’t looked back, teaching students in Budapest, England, Tallinn and now Budapest once more.

I like to teach English in a communicative way as my personal view is that it is the most effective and useful method of learning. I am patient, positive, and a little clumsy, and I love creating varied activities with students to push them to use their English to the best of their ability. I also like to throw in some social, regional and creative English as well. Explaining British English can be a challenge, but I try my best!

 Outside of teaching I love all things football, I like to travel (I have a geekish love of trains) and I like to watch any kind of motor sport. I love Túró Rudi, goulash and the M3 Metro line, and I dislike Pálinka and Unicum (Terribly sorry).

 I am also currently learning Hungarian, which helps me to understand my students a little better and often confuses me enough to need a Hungarian beer or two. I look forward to teaching every one of my lessons and I hope to help every student that come to my future lessons, whether it be with pronunciation, grammar, confidence or the difference between Yorkshire Tea and Lancashire Tea (Yorkshire Tea is heavenly. Lancashire Tea is a crime).

 See you soon! ?